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Thread: QTextEdit on a QGraphicsWidget

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    Default QTextEdit on a QGraphicsWidget


    I've get the example on documentation to put a QTextEdit on a QGraphicsWidget in a QGraphicsScene.

    This is the code:

    Qt Code:
    1. textItem=new QTextEdit;
    2. textItem->setReadOnly(true);
    3. textItem->setFont(myFont);
    4. textItem->setTextColor(Qt::black);
    5. textItem->setTextBackgroundColor(Qt::lightGray);
    6. textItem->setLineWrapMode(QTextEdit::NoWrap);
    7. QGraphicsWidget *textEdit = addWidget(textItem);
    8. textEdit->setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Minimum,QSizePolicy::Minimum,QSizePolicy::DefaultType);
    9. QGraphicsGridLayout *layout = new QGraphicsGridLayout;
    10. layout->addItem(textEdit,0,0);
    11. layout->setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Minimum,QSizePolicy::Minimum,QSizePolicy::DefaultType);
    12. textWidget = new QGraphicsWidget;
    13. textWidget->setLayout(layout);
    14. textWidget->setZValue(10);
    15. textWidget->setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Minimum,QSizePolicy::Minimum,QSizePolicy::DefaultType);
    16. addItem(textWidget);
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    where textEdit is a QTextEdit* and textWidget is a QTextWidget*.

    After I set the text on the textItem with setPlainText(QString).

    It works correctly but the problem is that when I show on the scene (the class where this method runs) the widget is larger then the QTextEdit, as shown in the picture.

    How can I, in the correct way, make the QGraphicsWidget with the same size of the QTextEdit?


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    Default Re: QTextEdit on a QGraphicsWidget

    I think this is a feature of QTextEdit to have some margin around the text. You can try some properties of QTextEdit in QtDesigner to see whether you can make this margin disappear.
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    Default Re: QTextEdit on a QGraphicsWidget

    I can't obtain my goals with QTextEdit...

    Adding this code:

    Qt Code:
    1. QFontMetrics fontMetrics(myFont);
    2. textItem->setFixedHeight(fontMetrics.height() + textItem->frameWidth() * 2);
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    I obtain:

    But I want that the width has the lenght of the QTextItem and which I can change the background color of the QGraphicsWidget...

    Is it possible to make it?!


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