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Thread: Developing 64 bit applications with Qt

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    Default Developing 64 bit applications with Qt

    I am having a big 32 bit Visual C++ 6 based application. I am in the processing of porting it to 64 bit application running on 64 bit OS (64 bit machine). How easy/ difficult it can be if I completely do it with only Qt alone (not Visual C++)? I am considering Qt as there can be an option of running it as a Windows (32/ 64 bit) or Linux (32/ 64 bit) application. This application involves connectivity to database which is again going to be residing on 64 bit platform. Any issues developing 64 bit applications with Qt ? pls post your comments if there any related to this. thanks.

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    Default Re: Developing 64 bit applications with Qt

    No issues. Just build Qt and the application with a 64 bit compiler.
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    Default Re: Developing 64 bit applications with Qt

    What it works is the other way : compile in 32bits on a 64 bits machine by settings makefile flags :

    QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -m32
    QMAKE_LFLAGS += -m32

    After ensuring yourself that the libs you link against are compatibles.

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