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Thread: Distribute bandwidth with QTcpSocket

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    Default Distribute bandwidth with QTcpSocket

    I have a small app which sends data to multiple addresses via a QTcpSocket, it uses a timer to distribute the required data between the open sockets which is all great, they send data at an even rate, the problem comes when waiting for a reply from the server, the other sockets all send data at maximum speed starving the incoming socket.

    I could come up with a solution if I knew the available bandwidth but because it's an unknown I'm struggling to think of a good solution, does anyone have any ideas on it?

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    Default Re: Distribute bandwidth with QTcpSocket

    would dividing the band width to the number of outgoing sockets + 1(incoming) would help?
    It would mean you send less even if not getting anything, but you will be getting at the same rate you are sending, at least in theory...
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    Default Re: Distribute bandwidth with QTcpSocket

    That's partly the problem, I have no way of knowing the total bandwidth to divide it, if I did then I could just keep some free for the incoming. I suppose I could measure it to see how much is available and divide it that way but it doesn't seem like a "clean" way to do it.

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