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Thread: How to setup the Dev C++ with MingW compiler for QT?

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    Question How to setup the Dev C++ with MingW compiler for QT?


    I am new to Qt. When I tried to setup DevC++ and run a sample application with the widget there, I got a link error [Linker error] undefined reference to `qInitResources_application()' .
    What is that I am doing wrong?

    Can anyone help?


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    Default Re: How to setup the Dev C++ with MingW compiler for QT?

    Dev-Cpp doesn't handle Qt compilation very well on its own. Your project is using a *.qrc file and Dev-Cpp doesn't know that it needs to be processed with rcc and that the output file need to be linked to the project... You can try to find a tool for Dev-Cpp that solves this but IMHO it would be better to go back to the old good command line until you findan IDE that fully suits your needs...
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