The situation is this: I have a shared (DLL) build of Qt 4.5.0 and some reasons given by the project lead, I have to convert to Qt 4.5.2 static. I am using the Qt Visual Studio plug-in to manage my project.

1) Would DLLs (Qwt 5.2 and other property browser) compiled with the shared Qt 4.5.0 work with an EXE compiled with static Qt 4.5.2, or do I have to re-complie all those third party DLLs?

2) Is it possible to compile a DLL from a static build? I could not get QWT DLLs to complie with static QT 4.5.2 using the project files generated from the batch file in admin\

3) Are there any additional dependencies for a static build of an existing Qt 4.5 solution?

I have the following for the QT 4.5.2 build:

i. QT property browser DLL complied with QT 4.5 shared release
ii. QWT DLL complied with QT 4.5 share release
iii. Main application complied with QT 4.5.2 static

It complies, but when I try to debug I got the procedure entry point not found typically associated with DLL hell.

Sorry if some of those questions are noob; I am used to C#/Java programming background