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Thread: Zip module for Qt

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    Default Zip module for Qt

    I am trying to create a file format for use with my collection organizer project and have decided to use a structure which includes couple of xml files and a folder for images in a zip file. What i want to find figure out is what would be the best way to

    1. Unzip file into temp folder for working on open
    2. Zip the file on save
    3. delete temp folder on close() signal
    4. IMPORTANT PART is that the structure of the folder must remain intact no temp folder names or such should be included in the zip file

    I tried using QProcess, but it was very buggy (for me), so just deleted it. also tried the qCompress, but that only does the file and not the whole folder.

    Thanks Guys

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    Default Re: Zip module for Qt

    We are using QuaZIP

  3. The following 2 users say thank you to Lesiok for this useful post:

    arpspatel (28th October 2009), JohannesMunk (28th October 2009)

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