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Thread: Default value for QFont

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    Default Default value for QFont


    I have created a Q3CanvasText object and int the constructor passing it the text,font and the canvas object.. Now i would like to know that what is the default value of QFont.. ie of i do not specify the Font type and its size then what value it would take as default or do i have to explicitly define one..
    the reason why i would like to know is because i have used a Q3CanvasText object and have set font size using the setFont function which is [HTML]QFont font("Times",8,QFont::Normal);[/HTML]
    this is throwing assert when i am executing it on linux saying that the setPointSize cannot be less than 0 whereas it is much greater than that..
    what do i do for it...

    Thanking you...

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    Default Re: Default value for QFont

    the default font depends on the window system. It can vary depending on both the window system version and the locale.

    Can we see your code?

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