Developer Machines is proud to announce the initial release of Qtitan Multimedia, a library that allows developers to easily incorporate rich multimedia content into their Qt applications through standard internet browser plug-ins. Support for Adobe Flash, Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Silverlight makes the library the efficient choice for Qt developers to use their favorite tools while taking advantage of the most widespread content standards.
The power of Qtitan Multimedia for combining Qt and plug-in capabilities is unsurpassed. The core of the software is a class container inherited from QWidget that is capable of displaying NPAPI browser plug-ins, including plug-ins that open in a separate window or display directly to the Qt window. The Qt Script Engine is accessible from the container as well, allowing the plug-in JavaScript access. Application interaction and plug-in notifications are done through the usual Qt signal/slot mechanism.
The container is extended by classes for accessing and controlling features in specific plug-ins. In the case of Flash, for example, these include Transparent and Loop properties. Qtitan Multimedia library components are added to the application either during design time (through Qt Designer, where most component properties can be set) or runtime. At runtime, the component is created and placed on a form like any other object that has inherited its class from QWidget.
To go along with this power, Qtitan Multimedia makes it easy to harness these new possibilities. The library does not require Internet Explorer or a WebKit browser. It has all of the necessary resources to launch Netscape plug-ins itself, without a browser, in the same process as the original application. All that is required for multimedia applications are the standard Qt libraries (QtCore, QtGui and QtScript).

Pricing and Availability

Qtitan Multimedia is available immediately and a demo can be downloaded from the Developer Machines
website at The cost of a license is 119$, while a license including the source code costs 199$.
Discounts are available for buyers looking to purchase two or more copies of the software.

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