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Thread: qmake LIBS missing quotes

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    Default qmake LIBS missing quotes


    here's my problem. I work in Windows 7 with VS2008. I need to include a 3rd party library to my qt4 project. The path to the library contains spaces so i have to enclose the full path in quotes. Usually the following line in .pro file would do the job:

    LIBS += $$quote(c:\\path to the lib\mylib.lib)

    However, i want to use an environment variable to specify the path. And if i change the above line to:

    LIBS += $$quote($(MY_VAR)\mylib.lib)

    in hope of seeing "$(MY_VAR)\mylib.lib" in the project settings, but instead i see just $(MY_VAR)\mylib.lib (without quotes) which, naturally, messes up the linker.

    Does anyone know how i can force the quotes around my lib path?


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    Default Re: qmake LIBS missing quotes

    I ran into the same issue today while trying to use environment variables in a LIBS definition and I found the following link, which indicated a simple workaround. The key is to the instant resolution syntax $$() to resolve the environment variable. So, while
    Qt Code:
    2. LIBS += -L$$quote($$LIBRARIESBASE\lib) -lmylib
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    does not resolve with quotes if %USERPROFILE% contains spaces,
    Qt Code:
    2. LIBS += -L$$quote($$LIBRARIESBASE\lib) -lmylib
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    works just fine.

    I hope this is able to help someone else out.

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