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Thread: MultiThreading n Qhttp

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    Default MultiThreading n Qhttp

    I am trying to simulate an environment where 'n' systems are simultaneously, sending 'x' requests each, to a server in my program

    I am using Qhttp to send the 'x' requests to the server. This part is working fine perfectly.

    Now in order to simulate 'n' systems sending these requests simultaneously I am using multithreading.

    In main i have this
    Qt Code:
    1. for(int i=0;i<noOfThreads;i++)
    2. {
    3. MyThread t(noOfLogs);
    4. t.start();
    5. }
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    and I have reimplemented run() of MyThread class to send the x requests.

    The program is however crashing, where am I going wrong?

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    Default Re: MultiThreading n Qhttp

    t is a local variable which is constructed at the beginning of the loop body and destroyed at the end of the body. Use a QList<MyThread*> to store the pointers you created in the loop with new.

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