Hi all,

I would like to announce the first official release of qmdilib.

This is a simple mdi library for Qt 4. The goal of this project,
is to provide an easy way to modifying menus and toolbars of windows
on demand. This can be used to present different menus and toolbars to
widgets inside a QTabWidget, hiding or showing a different set of menus
on demand or even enabling a small plugin system.

The library is fully documented, and contains some demostrations. It should compile
flawlessly (no warnings) with a single "qmake; make" on the root directory of the
project. It is known to work on Windows and Linux, and there is no reason why it
should not work on other platforms supported by Qt4. Currently only gcc is tested,
but other compilers should be able to compile this library.

The library contains a small documentation, and 2 demos (ignore the 3rd one... )

The code can be downloaded from: