Hello everyone,
I have a requirement to write an application for a factory test and configuration process. The device I need to configure has a bluetooth FTP service over which I can read and write the configuration files.

All of our other factory systems run under WinXP so the application really needs to run under this. Installing and managing another OS isn't really practical for this one need.

All I really need to do is download/upload a file over BT FTP. None of the other BT services are necessary. Does anyone have an idea of how I might achieve this? I have investigate the following so far.

1. A command line util that I could spawn from within the application.
Can't seem to find one.
2. Using the windows BT SDK.
Seems overly complicated for what I need. Has anyone used this in QT?
3. Using BlueCove http://bluecove.org/
This is a java BT implementation. I seems the most promising but I am unsure how to integrate into QT. Should I just write the application to run under JVM? Has anyone any experience here?

Thanks in advance one and all.