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Thread: Yahoo! messenger like project

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    Default Yahoo! messenger like project

    Hello All,

    I'm starting an Yahoo! messenger like project in Qt, I'm only doing GUI at this time,
    I have created the main UI and a sign in interface, just like Yahoo! messenger

    my main question is I want to know the best way to move from the sign in interface to main interface (exactly as yahoo!)

    The way I'm thinking of doing this is I have the main interface (QMainWindow), and the sign in interface a (QWidget), I want to put the sing in UI over the main UI and if sign in is successful i can hid it and show the main UI, but not sure if that is possible, if so, how to do it
    if not, what could be another way to do that

    thankx all in advance

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    Default Re: Yahoo! messenger like project

    "The QStackedWidget class provides a stack of widgets where only one widget is visible at a time."

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