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Thread: how to make installer for window and Mac.

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    Question how to make installer for window and Mac.


    I am thinking to suggest qt to my company, but i have some confusions.

    1) We want to make multi platform applications. I don't know how this works in qt.
    I developed a small application using QT creator (free) V4 on windows.
    Do i also need download and install QT Mac version on the mac and then compile the my application (that i created on windows) on the mac?
    Is there any way where i can make the application for mac on my windows machine?

    2)We want to use only Windows machine for development and deploy applications on other platforms, even on Symbian phones.
    Is it possible?

    Please clear my confusions and tell me the way to run my application on mac. (confusion #1)

    Thanking You
    tarun mishra

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    Default Re: how to make installer for window and Mac.

    You have to have a mac to create mac applications.

    It is possible to create Symbian applications on windows because Windows is the only platform that is supported by the Symbian SDK.

    The Symbian SDK comes with a cross compiler that runs on windows. You would have to have a cross compiler for mac. Although it is technically possible to create such a compiler, no one created such a compiler with a proper installer package. Cross compiling GCC is an advanced topic and it is probably cheaper to by a bunch of macs.
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