Hi everyone!

I hope this is in the right place of the forum to ask a question like this. Its like my second post so I'm still learning I was also going to make this post an email but i didn't know what list to send this kind of technical question. Anyway, lets get started!

I'm trying to develop a kind of specialist web browser for a Symbian S60 device. Its not anything too fancy, it just loads a page in a QWebPage and then I use the webkit API to extract the data I need from the DOM and display it in a list view. To cut a long story short, it works! It is a nice enough system that need a whole load of tweaking before its ready for a release. But I've hit a snag. I loaded the program onto my symbian device ( after a long time fighting with libraries but thats a different story ) and it didn't work. The program hung in a number of different places, most of which were my own stupid fault because I was allocating a crazy ammount of memory on the stack. As I was stepping through the program slowly, fixing all my stupid mistakes with the stack, I hit a dead end with QWebPage::setHtml(QString&) . This call seemed to hang my program again.

I'm lost for a solution to this problem. I've tried a few things, first thing was that I moved the QString& that was my html data to the heap and passed a dereferenced pointer to the setHtml method. Didn't fix the problem. Then I connected all of the signals from the QWebPage so that I could track its progress and it turns out the hang is after the loadProgress signal is emitted with a 10 value.

I'm thinking that the issue might be that the web page is trying to load external references and that its failing to get a network ( because i haven't set anything like that up yet ). This is odd for two reasons though. Firstly i don't understand why the program should hang if there is no network and secondly i've set the QWebSettings attribute QWebSettings::AutoLoadImages to false. I know there might be other external references but why should the Desktop ( windows ) version of the app return directly from the loadingPage->mainFrame()->setHtml(*htmlString) method promptly when there is no network but the symbian version does not? If someone could help me dubjg this then I would be very grateful, also if it is a bug I would like to report it giving back and all that!