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Thread: deploying QtSql app, Windows, VC2008

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    Default deploying QtSql app, Windows, VC2008

    I've not been able to get my app to work correctly on test machines. I'm pretty sure the problem is related to the Sql code because my GUI actually runs, but can't connect with the SQLite database. I've read the article about deploying on windows, and followed the many steps listed there. I found that if I install the entire prebuilt VC2008 Qt development distribution on my target machines, things will at least work. I hope to learn how to come back later with a real deployment solution. So, I'd like to know if I've done things correctly. Here's what I understand needs to happen for a local install:
    • destination folder = C:/MyApp
    • C:/MyApp/plugins contains all files from C:/Qt/4.6.1/plugins
    • buid my app with:
      • TEMPLATE = app
      • CONFIG += embed_manifest_exe
      • CONFIG -= embed_manifest_dll
    • install VC runtime (I've installed x86 2005, then 2008)

    With all these steps, my app still cannot create a SQLite database. Again, installing the Qt VC2008 dev package and putting C:/Qt/4.6.1/bin in my PATH, my app finally is able to create the SQLite database. What is my local install missing?


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    Default Re: deploying QtSql app, Windows, VC2008

    see if this helps:

    don't name that folder plugins, follow the same layout as in the link.

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