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Thread: EAN13 Barcode class & test generator

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    Default EAN13 Barcode class & test generator

    Hi all,

    Just a trivial program to demonstrate EAN13 barcodes. I needed a simple class to add barcodes to some gift vouchers I sell for my business and picked up the EAN13 demo under the Center's Wiki tab. I fixed a minor bug in the original, reorganised it to suit my vain ways and wrapped it up in an interface using Qt Creator so that I could play with it - scaling - printing etc.

    All files are in the attached zip - please feel free to take it over and run with it !

    All credits due to the orginal auther(s).
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    Default Re: EAN13 Barcode class & test generator

    I used this EAN 13 barcodeg generator, which is also a very easy to use barcode generator. check this barcode creation guide here.

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    Default Re: EAN13 Barcode class & test generator

    Thanks for sharing. You are genious! Generating EAN 13 always gives me headache.

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