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Thread: Glad that QT has come so far

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    Wink Glad that QT has come so far

    Hello, I was introduced to QT in 2006 in RedHat linux. Didn't quite understand much about linux then. Only started c. But suddenly after becoming familiar with GUI programming using Visual Studio 6 and then coming back to linux I realized the importance of a crossplatform software. But I thought QT was something built-in for RedHat. As time passed once tried to compile a linux based windows messenger which then reported me that the version of QT was to be updated. After googling for a while I found about trolltech. And was amazed seeing the website. I am a fan of QT till then. Developed many software using it during my study at university. One thing I never knew QT would reach such a level as it is at now. Just thought open-source cross-platform community were as feeble as my wishes. But I am glad to see what QT has become. Best wishes to QT. Grow more my brother.

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    Default Re: Glad that QT has come so far

    By the way its Qt, not QT
    QT is QuickTime
    Qt is Cute !!

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