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Thread: extending native-style QFileDialog

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    Default extending native-style QFileDialog

    is there any means of extending (=adding widgets to) the native style QFileDialog?

    I'm working on Windows and would like to use the native(!) look of the QFileDialog for letting the user export some data.
    However I would like to add some controls on it to let them customize the export:
    basically adding a QLabel and a QComboBox.

    In Win32 or MFC you can do this by using SetTemplate for example.

    I already tried adding a control like this:

    Qt Code:
    1. QFileDialog *exportDialog = new QFileDialog();
    2. QLabel *label = new QLabel(exportDialog);
    3. label->setText("New label");
    4. QGridLayout *layout = (QGridLayout*)exportDialog->layout();
    5. layout->addWidget(label, 0, 0);
    6. exportDialog->setModal(true);
    7. exportDialog->show();
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    but this apparently turns off the native look.
    Is there anyway to do this or is it just impossible?


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    Default Re: extending native-style QFileDialog

    The native dialog is only used from within the static methods of QFileDialog so you can't customize it. If you want a custom native file dialog, use native API for the whole dialog.
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