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Thread: Rich Text Inside QListWidgetItem?

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    Question Rich Text Inside QListWidgetItem?

    I want to put some rich text in a QListWidgetItem inside a QListWidget I have in my app. I've been searching all over but haven't been able to find anything that makes sense to me. I've read about setItemWidget but everything I've read seems to indicate that that is not the best approach. I've also read about delegates but all the examples I could find were far too overcomplicated for my use. I simply want to display some rich text inside a QListWidgetItem with some, like, bold text and links and such. Nothing too exotic. I need the links to be clickable though.

    If someone could provide an example with just the bare minimum to achieve what I want I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Rich Text Inside QListWidgetItem?

    See in the middle of post There you find a small code. Do the richt text painting in the paint method.

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