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Thread: openCV upside down problem

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    Question openCV upside down problem

    Hi people, i am new here, nice to meet you all.

    i have came across a small problem with openCV outputting images upside down from my webcamera,
    i'm basically just following tutorials from the O'reilly book,

    when i use the following function,

    Qt Code:
    1. cvSmooth(source,out, smoothType, param1, param2);
    3. cvShowImage("mywindow", out);
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    the image gets reversed upside down, but not left-to-right

    i am using Qt 4,
    and openCV version 1.0

    and it seems like this problem also occurs on other functions..
    since the application by windel also appeared upside down for me

    please help thanks !!

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    Red face Re: openCV upside down problem

    I started learning openCV and encountered same problem.. I later found out the solution. In windows, the BMP is scanned from bottom-left upward. Therefore, if you are working in windows (like me), you may want to add this line:

    out->origin = IPL_ORIGIN_BL;

    right after you allocation memory.

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