Hi Everybody,

I'm trying to use QGLGraphicsViewportItem (Qt3D) with other graphics scene elements like QGraphicsText in the same scene. However, whenever I add the QGLGraphicsViewportItem, the text elements disappear.

The easiest way to reproduce this is to insert the following lines into qt3d/examples/graphicsview/main.cpp, line 78 (after the QGLGraphicsViewportItems are inserted) :

Qt Code:
  1. QGraphicsTextItem *text = new QGraphicsTextItem("This text will not show up");
  2. text->setDefaultTextColor(Qt::red);
  3. text->setPos(-20,-20);
  4. text->setZValue(2);
  5. scene.addItem(text);
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Here, I am adding a text element into the scene which contains 2 QGLGraphicsViewportItems. The text will not show up. If you comment the graphics viewports out, then the text will display correctly.

Does anybody have an idea?

Thank you,