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Thread: Strange behavior of GDB in Creator 1.3

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    Default Strange behavior of GDB in Creator 1.3

    Hello to the list,
    I have installed the Qtcreator 1.3/Qt 4.6 SDk on fedora 12. No problems on install and none in developing a small application which runs OK from Qtcreator. But when I try to use debug I get a message:-
    during startup program exited with error 127
    which seems to mean it cannot find QtCorelib.
    Now when I run GDB from the command line I have no problems and program starts up ok.
    In Creator when I stop the debugger everything seems to be normal but I cant get any response from the debugger. If I close Creator I get a message saying that a debug session is still active.
    Have i forgotten something?. Any advice will be welcomed.


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    Default Re: Strange behavior of GDB in Creator 1.3

    Debugger related problems are usually solved by making the content of the right pane of Debug->Views->Debugger available.

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