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Thread: QTabWidget Drag & Drop to tab

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    Default QTabWidget Drag & Drop to tab

    I wrote a topic in 'Newbie' section, but noone did answer, so I'm gonna try here:

    I've my own subclassed QTabWidget & QTabBar. On every page of QTabWidget I have QListWidget, and I want to make possible to drag items from one list and dropping them on one of tabs, what would result in adding dragged item to this tab's QListWidget.

    How to do it?

    (got dragEnterEvent() and dragMoveEvent() and they are working properly, dropEvent() is called, but I can't "rethrow" it to particular QListWidget)

    I read D&D tutorial, (not sure if I've undestood all, though :P) tried reimplementing dropEvent, eventFilter, posting own QDropEvent to list... Nothing worked.
    What's The Right Way?
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