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Thread: What are your favourite C++ books?

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    Dietel and Dietel, C++ How To Program
    Excellent introductory textbook on the C++ language. This book is also fairly comprehensive -- it includes a reasonable coverage of all the basic language features.

    I can swear by this book since it's the book from which I learned C++.

    Bruce Eckel, Thinking in C++
    Eckel's books have become very popular. His C++ book is freely available on the web. I haven't read it, but I have his java book, which is a gem. Take a look at the one on the web, and buy it if you like it.

    Andrew Koenig and Barbara Moo, Acclerated C++
    A C++ textbook that takes an innovative and nontraditional approach by teaching C++ without ``teaching C'' first. This book adopts a relatively rapid pace, it's more like a second text than a first. This is one of the few beginner books I've seen where all the code in the book really looks like C++, and not some bizarre prehistoric C-like dialect. Another thing I like about the book is they teach just the right subset -- rather than asking the reader to rote-memorise the details of every STL class, they focus on the important ones (mostly map, list and vector).

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    C++ Primer Plus by Stephen Prata

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