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Thread: oscilloscope example bug

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    Default oscilloscope example bug

    Hi All,

    Please try below and see inconsistent behaviour,

    In plot.cpp change setPen function for d_curve like below;

    QPen pen;

    Then build oscilloscope and run.
    Then configure frequency and amplitute to 0. Why my pure line plotting Solid. I have configured to be Dotted but plotter plotting my line dotted. When plotting change the resolution and now you will see solid line gets dotted after called direct_painter->reset() command.

    What do you think about this situation?


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    Default Re: oscilloscope example bug

    When the points are painted one by one only the line between the new and the previous point is painted. In the example the distances are too small and the resulting line is always smaller than one dot. Decreasing the displayed interval and increasing the sample interval (or having an amplitude) will increase the distance between the points and you might see dots.

    The situations where you can see dots is, when several points of the curve (polygon) are painted. But this is exactly not what you want to have if you enable incremental painting. So there is no solution.

    Also note that not using a pen width of 0 slows down painting. But rendering an antialiased dotted line is a real performance killer. So if you have many points better don't do this.


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