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Thread: How to handle Large Immutable Document in QTextEdit

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    Default How to handle Large Immutable Document in QTextEdit


    I am guessing this belongs her, but if it is more of a newbie question, please move it...

    I am writing a wrapper for a command line tool that produces an output file that is typically in the thousands of pages-

    As it captures what was previously done; The users should not be able to edit ithe output file, but I was wanting to add hyperlinked navigation within the document, hence I believe that a QLabel inside a QScrollArea wouldn't work- Whats the best way to make a QTextEdit/QTextDocument un-editable / immutable?

    Is there a better approach??


    -Russ Johns

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    Default Re: How to handle Large Immutable Document in QTextEdit

    Have you tried to set your QTextEdit read only?

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