How do you specify a Flash plugin to use in Linux? I know that I can place the Flash plugin in specific locations according to the QtWebKit documentation, and I can also set QTWEBKIT_PLUGIN_PATH to point to a directory that can contain the plugin. However, my problem is that it seems to stop looking at the first one it finds, which is problematic if it finds Flash Player 9 before it finds Flash Player 10 and 10 is required.

For example, I have Flash Player 9 in the .mozilla/plugins directory where it says in the Qt documentation is one of the places it looks. I have Flash Player 10 in a folder that I point to with QTWEBKIT_PLUGIN_PATH set in my environment variables. My swf file is embedded in a QWebView, and was compiled with Flex 4 which requires Flash Player 10. It doesn't work and there are a bunch of errors because it's loading Flash Player 9. I have to make sure there aren't any other copies of Flash Player 9 in any of the hard-coded locations for it to finally load the one I pointed to in QTWEBKIT_PLUGIN_PATH.

Any suggestions?