Open part-time telecommuting contract/1099 positon for an experienced QT 4.5.1 or later developer with experience porting/building on the Apple platform.

Oregon, USA based consulting company needs to fill a developer spot on an existing QT 4.5.1 multi-platform project. Developer must have experience porting/building QT 4.5.1 applications on the Apple platform. Project is a suite of applications that have been built and released in the past for the Apple platform. Some degree of make/project file cleanup/improvement will initially be needed to get all to build again successfully.

Contractor will be responsible for building and delivering the project's Apple release files to an installer engineer. Developer will be required to have their own development tools and hardware.

Onshore developer preferred but I am open to working with an offshore developer if he/she can demonstrate their ability to get the job done, have excellent communication skills, etc.

Interested parties should contact