I am trying to show overlapped images in QToolTip, I tried to use the following code

QString str = "<div style=\"position:absolute;z-index:0;left:0px;top:0px;\">"
"<img src=\"C:/1.png\">"
"<div style=\"position:absolute;z-index:1;left:2px;top:2px;\">"
"<img src=\"C:/2.png\">"

The 1.png is the background image and 2.png is the small image which I need it be shown at the (2,2) on the topleft of the background image.

If I use the html code in html file and open it in IE, the result is right, but when showing in the QToolTip, the small image is below the big one. They are not overlapped.

Does any one meet the same issue and know how to solve it? Thanks very much!


Expected Result..JPG
Expected result

Acture Result..JPG
Actual result