The problem is that the table header are static in size in spite of using ResizeToContents. It was working fine in qt4.3. but not in qt 4.5.3. Following is an excerpt from code:
> QHeaderView::ResizeMode mode = header()->resizeMode(c);
Gets the old resize mode i.e. mode 0
> header()->setResizeMode(c, QHeaderView::ResizeToContents);
Resizes to content i.e. mode 3
> header()->setResizeMode(c, mode);
Restores the old resize mode i.e. mode 0

But, restoring the mode is overriding ResizeToContents and headers are not auto resized and are static in size.

I did not find any diff. in 4.3.3 and 4.5.3 documentation.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks -