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Thread: custom widgets: passing new parameters to constructor (not only QWidget *parent)

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    Default custom widgets: passing new parameters to constructor (not only QWidget *parent)

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to integrate a custom widget that I created. But I am having problems because my widget receives in its constructor no only the QWidget *parent but other parameters. I want it to integrate it into QT designer, either as a plugin or as a custom widget but I cannot find the way to tell QT Designer that it has more parameters in the constructor...

    i.e. my custom widget constructor looks like this

    EMI12Interface(AMManager *manager,QWidget *parent);

    EMI12Interface is a QWidget but it receives no only a QWidget *parent in its construction but some other parameters...

    At the time that I add my custom widget to QT Designer and QT Designer autogenerates my source file, my QWidget is created as :

    eMI12Interface1 = new EMI12Interface( ECGWidget, "eMI12Interface1" );

    and this are not the arguments that I want... How can I tell QT Designers to create my QWidget with other arguments?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: custom widgets: passing new parameters to constructor (not only QWidget *parent)

    Perhaps I'm missing something in your question but you just include them as arguments to the constructor:

    EMI12Interface(AMManager *manager, QWidget *parent, int i, char *c ..... );

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