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Thread: Focus lost when embedding external application using ActiveX

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    Default Focus lost when embedding external application using ActiveX


    We are having focus problems when we have a Frameless Full Screen host application that embeds an out of process ActiveX application. When in the activeX application a (Modal or NonModal) dialog pops up the focus is almost directly (slight delay) returned to the host Application. Also we see that the shortcuts of the embedded application not all come through? They are processed by the host application.

    When the host application is Maximized instead of FrameLess FullScreen everything is OK.
    When the host application is FrameLess and 1 pixel less than FullScreen everything is OK. (1 pixel bigger and the problem remains),

    When the application is started on a multi monitor system on the second (or not first) monitor the problem does not occur.

    We have the idea that the OS (Microsoft Windows XP) steals the Focus. But, although this happens on a lot of systems it does not on all...

    Does anyone know of any Frameless Full Screen problems with focus and activeX?

    I have included a host and client application that I used for testing. In the test application I also have an example with notepad in a dialog where the focus is also gone after a while but this behaviour is very inconsistant.


    Marcel Stegehuis
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