Tibor Kiss
Hungary (Sopron)

I'm 32 years old developer and looking for a new job. At this moment I live in Hungary (Sopron). I'm ready to move anywhere in the world.

I'm looking for a job in Qt field, that is challenging, interesting and creative.
Primary I would like to have a full time job, but projects and work-at-home solutions are also interesting for me.

Here is a video of my latest work as a Qt programmer, where I was the only developer, so I made everything including the SQL, the GUI, etc:


(Please be pationt it will take some time to download, ~124Mb)

If you cannot play it you can download the free VLC player here:


Contact: tibor@wiesen.at

My skills are the following

Computer related

Qt (good), C++ (average)
Some skills in Delphi, Basic, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc

Desktop solutions (good, slackware, ubuntu, suse...), migration (some), server and services (some, Apache, SQL, LDAP, NFS, SSH, Samba...)

Desktop (average), server (some)

Hardware (average)

Not computer related

Sound engineering and studio technic (average), video and projector tech (some), game planning (some)

Business management (some), group leading (some)

Driving licence

English (good), Hungarian (native), German (some)

Work experience:
1 year as a graphic designer (Szuperinfo Sopron)
2 years in computer shop as serviceman (Escape Computer)
6 years of system administration, and other computer related tasks (like special visual systems, audio recording, video studio, etc at Wiesen Festivals)
2 years system administration and software development in my own company
2 years in small business software development (Major Elektron Kft.)