I will continue looking, but I am trying to find a way to start a "checkable" legend to all checked on startup. Basically I want the QtPlotCurves all visible at startup with the check's in the ON state. Then the user can check them off.

I was hoping for something like legend->setChecked(bool tf), that I could call from implementation, but open to any suggestions... I would like to stay away from default showing none and making the user click them all on, but it is one method...
Here is the connect statement I am using for after the legend is first checked...
Qt Code:
  1. connect(this,SIGNAL(legendChecked(QwtPlotItem*,bool)), this, SLOT(handleLegendChecked(QwtPlotItem*, bool)));
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and the slot it calls...
Qt Code:
  1. void dataPlot::handleLegendChecked(QwtPlotItem* item, bool tf)
  2. {
  3. item->setVisible(tf);
  4. replot();
  5. if(cStart->isVisible()){curvesLoaded.start = true;} else {curvesLoaded.start = false;}
  6. if(cRun->isVisible()){curvesLoaded.run = true;} else {curvesLoaded.run = false;}
  7. if(cCmdwn->isVisible()){curvesLoaded.comedown=true;} else {curvesLoaded.comedown = false;}
  8. qDebug()<<curvesLoaded.start<<curvesLoaded.run<<curvesLoaded.comedown;
  9. }
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Thanks to any who can help!