AWS, Inc. is designing a new tablet-based product for industrial applications. We are looking for a skilled developer who can do the complete UI design and backend. This project is a blank slate, so it is a good opportunity for someone to show off their skills.

We have already been working on the hardware for this, but recently found out about an opportunity to bid a very large order in just one month (mid july).

The application is relatively simple (retrieve a few samples of data over a serial link, display it to the user with some basic averages and std deviation, and then store the data in a database along with an associated serial number) and would be an excellent starting point for our relationship with you.

Ultimately we will be developing many applications for this product, so this large bid is just a jumping-off point - this will be our flagship product when it is released and we want it to shine!

We will also need windows-based applications to interface with the unit.

The ideal applicant would be comfortable with quickly writing an application for our demonstration, and helping us integrate it into our hardware (we know very little about embedded systems, especially embedded linux).

We are also a small, casual company that is quickly growing. We try to be a fun place to work!

MS or BS in Computer Science preferred, though the job will be given to applicants based on experience, not schooling.

3-5 years experience minimum and specific experience with embedded systems, UI design and UI design principles, and databases is required.

Experience with TCP sockets would be helpful.

Good project management and communication skills are a must, we will be giving you a good deal of control over the project.

This job is local to San Jose, CA, and requires an applicant who can be present at a minimum of one day a week.

Please send resumes to: taylor@awitness.com

-Taylor Alexander