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    I have a memory fault and segmentation fault in my program and i am clueless where the problem lies. How do i compile my qt src such that it will create core files which i can use to trace the problem? thanks.

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    I know that this wasn't the answer that you were looking for, but is it possible for you to use gdb as
    a debugging tool? If you open your application in gdb like so (from terminal)

    gdb MyApplication.

    and type;

    (gdb) run
    (gdb) bt

    You should be able to get a stack backtrace. Whenever I'm running into a nasty compilation error that's how I go about solving it. I suppose it's not really a QT specific solution, and it's platform specific, but it's possible on your setup I think that might be your easiest solution.

    If your problem has to do with the usage of gdb, could you be a little more specific in your post? I'm not sure how you're trying to run your application, like if you're using precompiled binaries, what platform you're using, what version of QT you're using, and other helpful info.
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