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Thread: Static linkage of the library

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    Default Static linkage of the library

    Hi everybody!
    I wonder how to link with the Qt standard dlls statically when I am building my own dll-library .
    I have now created the dll and need to deploy it. But I don't want to drag all the Qt system dlls together with mine.
    So I tryed to link it statically with the Qt native libs. I configuerd the copy of the Qt statically and tried to build the dll. This approach failed! What I only managed to do was to link applications statically (all dependencies were resolved inside the application) but when I just change the TEMPLATE from app to lib and point out the dll in CONFIG everything fails. I receive just a dll file with all the dependencies unresolved - just as I do with the dynamic version of the Qt library.
    Is this possible or not? (In Borland C++ Builder for example I just set one flag to move all its native content statically into the dynamic library being built).
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