I have this custom gfx driver derived from QScreen and I need to rotate my screen at an appropriate angle(90,270, 180). So I enabled the "Transformed" driver because from what I've learned from Qt's docs this driver already has rotation codes. I have verified all of these in qtransformedscreen_qws.cpp. While everything has compiled I run my application like this,

./myApp -qws -display "Transformed:Rot270:MyCustomDriver:0 :0"

At first I did not know if the above way to run my app is correct and I didn't see any rotation in my screen or any error from the app. I was curious and had no choice but to debug Qt transformed and realted codes. And then while debugging, I got the correct syntax of the params above, the transformed driver had picked the rotation value. However, still there is no rotation.

My implementation of my custom gfx driver only uses the default base functions from QScreen, except for connect and initDevice. I had confirmed that this custom gfx driver had draw correctly but unrotated.

Has somebody tried using a custom gfx driver with the transformed driver? Or is this even possible?