Currently, I'm on a team that is developing an app that runs on an embedded platform running Linux. Currently, we have the app up and running on the target. The app uses a keyboard plugin (which inherits from QWSKeyboardHandler). The physical hardware has the following: 0-9 keys, Help key, Cancel key, 4 arrow keys and a Select key. Currently, the plugin can handle/pass the following: 0-9 keys, Help, Cancel, 4 arrow keys and the Select key.

Soon, the team will have to implement the handling/passing of alpha keys (t9 behavior). Several questions:

1. Does Qt have a class that greatly simplifies the implementation of this type of behavior (and where do you call it (in the plugin?))?
2. If not, what are some of the common approaches that developers use to program this type of behavior (i.e- QTimers and flags within the plugin->2-2-2 within the correct timeframe sends a 'C' to the app)?

Any type of "newbie" advice would be appreciated here.