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Thread: application finished, now what?

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    Default application finished, now what?

    Hi all.

    I made a simple Qt application and have the following doubts:

    is there a way to configure Qt to make a final installation? that is, to put the source codes in one folder, final application in other, something like a "make install"?

    If somebody wants to use my application, what should they download from Qt page? I can only find the SDK, and that's not what a final user needs. I mean, if somebody just wants to run a Qt based application, the shouldn't need to download qtcreator or qtdesigner. What should they download?

    Best regards

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    Default Re: application finished, now what?

    If you are on linux, you don't have to worry about since almost every distribution comes with Qt. If not, just say your customers to install Qt with the genuin installer (depending on the distribution).

    To deploy your application put all files and pack them. Using rpm od deb or .... would be even better.

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    Default Re: application finished, now what?

    And why do you even consider creating installer?
    Simply, as was pointed out earlier, pack with archive program - or do deb/rpm package to "get" qt dependences - Your application and redistribute. Basically Installer is used for the programs like shareware that are somehow crippled or use protection. And mostly it's for protection to keep end user from seeing what is going on, or what Your protection rely on (registry, custom hidden files, etc.)
    As for the application itself. If Your application use shared libraries (in win dll.'s) then simply run the application on another windows account that has no Qt related variables (so application can't find appropriate dll's). Each time You run your app warning will pop-up complaining about missing dll. Simply find and copy it to the directory with Your application. Do that untill app finally works normally. If You use shared so Qt is in LGPL, that means You can redistribute app with these dll's but also You need to tell end user how and where acquire these libraries.
    If You use static compilation so Your code is GPL and You need to pack everything, I mean src + bin.
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