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Thread: Problem in getting data using QFileSystemModel

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    Default Problem in getting data using QFileSystemModel

    Hi ,

    I am using QFileSystemModel to find the filenames, filesize, fileIcon and filePath of the files placed in C drive. So i used the QFileSystemModel.

    The rowCount returns 0 and columnCount returns 4 .I dont understand the reason ? Please tell if there is anything that i can use to get the data apart from QFileSystemModel.
    QFileSystemModel* fileModel = new QFileSystemModel;QModelIndex index = fileModel->setRootPath(QString("C:/"));
    QString rootpath = fileModel->rootPath();
    qDebug() << rootpath;
    int rowCount = fileModel->rowCount();
    int columnCount = fileModel->columnCount();

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    Default Re: Problem in getting data using QFileSystemModel

    It probably hasn't completed by the time it reaches your "int rowCount = fileModel->rowCount();", as the calls are asynchronous.

    You really shouldn't be using QFileSystemModel to just retrieve the contens of a directory. Have a look at classes such as QDir instead. QFileSystemModel is meant to be used as a MVC.

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