Got an issue with QGraphicsOpacityEffect::setOpacityMask( const QBrush & mask ) the mask is a pixmap set with QBrush::( const QPixmap & pixmap ) it contains a gradient Qt::black to Qt::transparent. On windows black is transparent and the tranparent is opaque with the mask applied, as it should be.

On Ubuntu Lucid and also with maemo with the latest qtsdk-2010.04 and latest NokiaSDK the black color is not 100% transparent and transparent is not 100% opaque. It seems to be the default opacity value (0.7) that gets applied to the mask. I tried to fix it with setting opacity to (1.0). Result is that the black area is as it should 100% transparent, but the transparent area is totally black with the mask applied.

Qt Code:
  1. QGraphicsOpacityEffect *effect_opacity = new QGraphicsOpacityEffect;
  2. effect_opacity->setOpacityMask(QBrush(opacity_mask));
  3. //effect_opacity->setOpacity(1.0);
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Question am I doing something totally wrong and missed something somehow, somewhere?