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Thread: Legend items disappear sometimes (a bug in Qwt?)

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    Question Legend items disappear sometimes (a bug in Qwt?)


    I'm using Qwt6 SVN (latest) and I'm experiencing a strange bug - when removing / re-adding curves to a plot, the legend items (corresponding to curves) disappear sometimes.
    The problem seems timing-dependent, since it's easily reproducible when running on a fast machine, but hard (or almost impossible) to reproduce when running in valgrind. It's harder to reproduce with large plots, but still happens pretty often (and randomly).

    I modified the "bode" example to remove/re-add the curves whenever a "Replot" button (replacing the Print button) is pressed. On my computer only the blue curve's legend item remains after clicking it (unless I'm running in valgrind).

    I'm attaching the modified example.

    Thanks in advance!
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