Build/execute system is Qt 2010.04 using mingw32 g++ on Windows 7 Professional. gdb-i686-pc-mingw32 is as provided in that distribution.

I've built an in-process ActiveX control using Qt's QAxServer as documented. Problem is, I can't debug it without gdb crashing. This is true of the "ActiveQt" sample (Qt GUI control wrapper) class-factory DLL as well as any that I write.

In Qt Creator, if I attach the debugger to a running instance of ActiveX Control Test Container [or Internet Explorer], everything works fine until one of these Qt-based ActiveX controls is introduced, and then instantly gdb crashes. (The same occurs if I run gdb from the command line using --pid=NNNN.) After I let gdb die, the control is instantiated in the host application as expected, but with no ability to debug it. (Note that this problem only occurs with Qt-based in-process ActiveX controls, not other ActiveX controls, and that it occurs regardless of the UAC elevation level of either process.)

This could well be a gdb problem, but since this version of gdb is part of the Qt 2010.04 distribution, there should at least be a workaround. Thanks in advance for any help from developers or the Qt team.

Ross Brown
Ottawa, Canada