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Thread: How to add a custom item in a QlistWidget??

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    Question How to add a custom item in a QlistWidget??


    I want to create a aplication for symbian, but qt it's a bit difficult against java because there's a lot of informationl
    Use know how tu use standard widgets and so on. But I don't have enough knowledge to write custom widgets.

    Well, Can anybody explain or past an example of code to create a qlistwidget with personalized rows? With some labels and a button.

    I've searched in google, but I couldn't find any information for my level.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: How to add a custom item in a QlistWidget??

    A (not very sophisticated) approach is QListWidget::setItemWidget() when your list is short. For an explanation see the documentation. Also if you list is longer have a look at the model view framework of Qt.

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