I am trying it out it won't accept qmake with its config file.
Everytime I run it I get this:
Usage: C:\Qt\2010.04\qt\qmake\qmake.exe [mode] [options] [files]

QMake has two modes, one mode for generating project files based on
some heuristics, and the other for generating makefiles. Normally you
shouldn't need to specify a mode, as makefile generation is the default
mode for qmake, but you may use this to test qmake on an existing project

-project Put qmake into project file generation mode
In this mode qmake interprets files as files to
be built,
defaults to *.c; *.ui; *.y; *.l; *.ts; *.xlf; *.qrc; *.h; *.hpp; *.hh; *.hxx; *.cpp; *.cc; *.cxx
Note: The created .pro file probably will
need to be edited. For example add the QT variable to
specify what modules are required.
-makefile Put qmake into makefile generation mode (default)
In this mode qmake interprets files as project files to
be processed, if skipped qmake will try to find a project
file in your current working directory

Warnings Options:
-Wnone Turn off all warnings
-Wall Turn on all warnings
-Wparser Turn on parser warnings
-Wlogic Turn on logic warnings

* You can place any variable assignment in options and it will be *
* processed as if it was in [files]. These assignments will be parsed *
* before [files]. *
-o file Write output to file
-unix Run in unix mode
-win32 Run in win32 mode
-macx Run in Mac OS X mode
-d Increase debug level
-t templ Overrides TEMPLATE as templ
-tp prefix Overrides TEMPLATE so that prefix is prefixed into the value
-help This help
-v Version information
-after All variable assignments after this will be
parsed after [files]
-norecursive Don't do a recursive search
-recursive Do a recursive search
-set <prop> <value> Set persistent property
-query <prop> Query persistent property. Show all if <prop> is empty.
-cache file Use file as cache [makefile mode only]
-spec spec Use spec as QMAKESPEC [makefile mode only]
-nocache Don't use a cache file [makefile mode only]
-nodepend Don't generate dependencies [makefile mode only]
-nomoc Don't generate moc targets [makefile mode only]
-nopwd Don't look for files in pwd [project mode only]
***Unknown option -f

BUILD FAILED (exit value 1, total time: 187ms)

Obviously Netbeans is just executing qmake and not finding my file..
This is just weird...

Anybody use Netbeans and have it work properly ?