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Thread: Linux deployment issue, dependency not satisfiable.

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    Unhappy Linux deployment issue, dependency not satisfiable.

    I am hoping that someone here with more Linux experience than I can answer a basic question about deb packages. Here is my issue.

    I have created a fairly sophisticated Qt app using Qt Creator. It compiles and runs just fine on my development PC. I am trying to create a simple binary package for deployment testing. I used ldd to determine the dependencies for my program, and included them in the control file. I have created the deb package just fine. When I move it to my deployment machine and double-click on it, or even double-click on it on the development machine, GDebi gives me a dependency not satisfiable error for libcdio-cdda0. I looked in Ubuntu Software Center, and that library is listed there and it says it is installed. I did not include version info in any of my depends, so it is not a version conflict. How is it not able to resolve a dependency for a library that it has installed?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. I am new to Linux development. I have experience with Windows packaging tools like Inno and Install Shield, but this is my first try at trying to package and deploy a Linux app. Also, is there any command I can run that will examine the deb file, and list all the dependency errors, so I can solve them all, rather than just one at a time? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Linux deployment issue, dependency not satisfiable.

    This is a guess, but... It sounds like you added a dependency on the library itself. You have to add a dependency on the package containing the library.
    Bo Thorsen, Viking Software
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