Hi all,

I'm developing an application for the 64-bit Windows 7 platform.
I would like to use a different toolchain than M$...
I would like to use Qt and the mingw 64-bit compiler. Is this possible?

I have installed Qt 4.7 on windows 7 (I don't mind that Qt is a 32-bit app), which comes with mingw32. When I tried to add the "-m64" switch to the compiler options, I got the error message "64-bit mode not compiled in".
So I went to Sourceforge and downloaded mingw-w64, but I don't know how to setup this compiler with Qt. Do I have to create a "mkspec" for this compiler. Or should I use a different version of mingw32, with the 64-bit mode compiled in?

Also, will I be able to compile the Qt libraries with for 64-bit Windows7 ?

Any helpful link would be appreciated!