Hi all,

Unfortunately for myself I can not develop in C + + or Qt. But I'm going to learn it slowly.
However, I have an idea for a project. I am currently in training to become a teacher.
Unfortunately, there is no program for Linux and Qt / Meego with which one could do the daily works as a teacher. I imagine such a program, like that:

Management students with attendance records, homework lists, and lists of oral marks
Class work or test scores, points and ratings, divided into the different tasks, reports for the half year and end of the school year
Management of lessons, on a topic over several hours and for the individual hours, with links to files or the Internet
Calendar for the dates in the school, with holiday calendar.

I think in all the schools in the world performance evaluation is needed. Similarly, an administration of the hour is reasonable. Many things from the German school system, I can unfortunately not well explained in English, but I think there are many parallels internationally.

Who would like to develop such a program? Many teachers would be very grateful. On Windows, there are some programs but not on Linux. As I see the great opportunity to work with Qt. Especially in view of the coming Meego tablets and smartphones.

Greetings, Gerhard Prade